Plate Fin Oil Cooler

Plate Fin Oil Cooler Bloksma P-type

Cooling by sea- or fresh water


The Bloksma plate fin oil (PF) cooler is a well proven, compact (25% of conventional), slim lined heat exchanger for cooling oil by means of sea- or fresh water and is suited for a wide range of marine and industrial applications. Unlike conventional shell & tube types it contains a bundle with a high density plate fin surface around the tubes. The cooler is available in 4 standard shell diameters ranging from 100 ñ 280 mm, covering 1 to 170 m2 plate fin surface. Connections in most cases can be DIN or SAE compatible or BSP threaded. The length of the cooler is variable. Standard components and modules enable to provide a large number of solutions, meeting customer requirements at a short delivery time.

  • Bloksma plate fin oil cooler
    Bloksma plate fin oil cooler
  • Bloksma plate fin oil cooler
    Bloksma plate fin oil cooler
  • Bloksma plate fin oil cooler
    Bloksma plate fin oil cooler

Two standard versions are available:

  • IV Industrial Version: For non-aggressive or controlled cooling water
  • MV Marine Version: For aggressive or surface water

We are specialised in the development and manufacture of high density extended surfaces up to 1000 m²/m³ for cooling oil or air to water. This technology, when used in our range of tubular plate fin oil coolers, has many advantages. It combines mechanical reliability and serviceability with compactness, making it an option where until now only plate heat exchangers were considered.

Our own research facilities and thermal calculations allow the latest heat transfer technology. This ensures that the user gets an optimal design for his applications.

The Bloksma PF cooler has a light weight bundle, removable to both sides. Double O-ring joints between the shell- and tube side and a minimum of bolting ensure:

Easy overhaul and cleaning of the tube side:

  • the shell side fluid can remain under pressure during overhaul
  • leak detection before fluids can intermix



Copper Nickel 90/10
Cast Iron for IV, bronze with anodes for MV
Nodular Casting/C steel
Tube sheets
Seawater resistant brass

Technical Data

Technical Data

Design data
Oil side
Water side
Design pressure bar (g)
16 (25)
Design temperature (0C)
120 (150)
up to 120
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