Oil-Water Heater

Oil-Water Heater Bloksma V-type

Modular U-Tube


The Bloksma oil & water heater V-type is a compact heat exchanger for heating heavy fuel oil, lube oil, diesel oil or water by means of steam, thermal oil or hot water. The thermal calculation is based on the latest heat-transfer technology. This ensures an optimal design of the heater.

  • Bloksma Oil Water Heater V-type
    Bloksma Oil Water Heater V-type
  • Bloksma Oil Water Heater V-type
    Bloksma Oil Water Heater V-type

The oil & water heater V-type is available in 4 standard shell diameters up to 320 mm. The length of the heater is variable. All components are standardized and completely machined in stock to make short delivery times possible. The Bloksma oil & water heater can be constructed for a design pressure up to 32 bar and design temperature of 300 ƒC. Bloksma oil & water heaters comply with the requirements of all main marine classification societies as well as national inspection authorities (CE).

The oil & water heater is very well suited for applications where pressure pulsations occur.

The Bloksma oil & water heater has a removable tube-bundle with U-bends. This construction allows a free expansion of the tubes. The tube sheet is bolted between two flat gaskets. U-bended seamless drawn tubes (St. 35.8) are roller expanded into the tube sheets. In case of thermal oil the tubes are additionally seal-welded. The cover is provided with welded flanges according to ISO or (compact) SAE norms to reduce space-requirements. This SAE connection is preferred by module-builders.

The standard version of the heater is made of mild steel. Other materials, such as stainless steel and copper-nickel with coated cover and coated intermediate ring are possible. All steel parts are shot blasted and painted with a layer of heat-resistant aluminium coating, silver coloured RAL 9006. Heaters are supplied with a rust-preventing layer for storage up to 6 months. Insulation (optional) by mineral wool mats, covered with galvanised steel plate. Alternative constructions are available for use as tank-suction heater or tank heater.

A wide range with diameters up to 800 mm is available for all applications where heating or cooling of liquid or condensing of steam is required. A flexible design enables to offer a shell & tube heater exactly suiting users’ needs. Different types of construction such as U-tubes, fixed tube plates or floating tube plates with O-rings are possible, depending on the operating conditions. Many material combinations are possible. We will come up with the most efficient solution.


  • Pre-heating of fuel oil before fuel injection (booster unit)
  • Pre-heating of oil before separation (separator unit)
  • Engine jacket-water pre-heating
  • Cargo heating (deck-heaters)
  • Water heating for sanitary use
  • Central heating
  • Swimming pool heating
  • Tank cleaning heater (Butterworth heater)
  • Safety valve
  • Vent- and drain cocks
  • Thermometers
  • Pressure gauge
  • Counter flanges
  • Insulation

Oil- and Water Heater

  • Shell
  • Tube plate
  • Intermediate ring
  • U-tube bundle
  • Bolts
  • Circular gasket
  • Partition gasket
  • Cover
  • Insulation (optional)
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