Safety Heat Exchangers

Renzmann Double Tube Safety Heat Exchangers (DTSHX)


Unlike tube bundles of single-wall design, double-tube bundles are provided with two tube sheets at each end. If a tube wall shows a leak, the product flows through fine ducts arranged between the double tubes into the leakage collection space and triggers a check command.

  • Double tube safety heat exchangers (DTSHX)
    Double tube system

However, the 2nd remaining undamaged tube keeps the product separated from the second fluid. The plant operator may continue to run the heat exchanger until the next scheduled maintenance, thus avoiding cost-intensive shutdown times.

Depending on the application, our double-tube safety heat exchangers can be designed and manufactured in any desired shell, header and sealing variant. Different material combinations are available for the inner and outer tubes. Double tube heat exchangers can thus be used for a wide variety of applications.

Appropriate materials permit many different fluids to be cooled, heated, condensed or evaporated. Double-tube safety heat exchangers are suitable for operating pressures ranging from vacuum to 300 bar high pressure applications and for temperatures ranging from -150°C to more than 350°C.

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