Natural Gas Preheaters

Renzmann Natural Gas Preheaters


By introducing the double-tube safety technology to gas preheating/cooling applications, we have responded to the industry’s demands for increased safety (according to DVGW 498 and 499) (DVGW = German Association of Gas and Water Engineers).

  • Natural gas preheater
    Natural gas preheater

Advantages of the double-tube safety heat exchanger for gas applications:

  • No need for an intermediate circuit (space-saving)
  • Additional safety devices can be dispensed with (a leakage switch for the double tube safety heat exchanger (DTSHX) can be supplied with the unit)
  • Freely selectable heat sources (which may help save energy costs where waste heat is available)
  • Reduced operating costs due to, among other reasons, the fact that double-tube safety heat exchangers are maintenance-free
  • Double tube safety heat exchangers (DTSHX) can be arranged according to the customer's request
  • Moderate complete system costs
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