Double Tube Systems

Double Tube Systems


The Double Tube Systems product line designs, engineers and manufactures various types of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Moreover, it designs and manufactures services supply skid systems for power plants in close cooperation with our customers. Our work focuses on achieving joint success with our customers and is devoted especially to developing technical improvements.

An excellent example of these efforts is our double-tube safety technology which has set new safety standards for chemical processing, power producing and gas preheating facilities.

Double-tube heat exchangers, which are available in many different materials and cover a wide pressure range, are - like all our plain tube heat exchangers - suitable for a large spectrum of applications.

Our customers can fully focus on developing optimum equipment and process designs. In partnership and close consultation with customers, we optimize the thermo technical equipment in ecological and economic terms, while making sure that all applicable regulations are complied with. Our entire range of products is continuously adapted to changing market requirements. In addition, we develop new and future-oriented products, which often incorporate patented improvements in important details.

We provide innovative solutions.

  • Compact and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
    The standardized compact heat exchanger series have been developed for industrial, process technological and power engineering applications.

  • Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers
    Economic efficiency and safety of products, equipment and the environment are central tasks of process engineering. The double-tube technology satisfies both demands: it optimizes heat exchangers in economic and ecological terms.

  • Natural Gas Preheaters
    By introducing the double-tube safety technology to gas preheating/cooling applications, we have responded to the industry’s demands for increased safety (according to DVGW 498 and 499) (DVGW = German Association of Gas and Water Engineers).

  • Plant Construction
    We design, engineer and manufacture components and equipment for various industrial applications.

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