Mini-Desublimator Pluto

Desublimation: smart, sustainable, customized


With small and ultrasmall substance streams separation using desublimation is a convincing economic solution. The desublimator range for this application category includes the Pluto model, designed for a gas flow of between five and 500 kg per hour. In contrast to larger models no fin tubes are used here, but lamellas to permit a particularly copmact design and a heat exchanger surface area of up to 100 square metres. Pluto is a customized product. As both design and manufacturing are by us, customer requirements of whatever kind can be integrated into the product. Pluto is deliverable in all weldable materials.

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  • Desublimator
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In the Pluto unit the gas mixture comes into contact with cooled lamellas. Here that part pf the gas mixture to be separated desublimates either around or below its triple point and adheres to the cold surface in crystalline form. The Pluto unit is split into several sectors to prevent too much of the substance being deposited close to the gas inlet. A range of lamella designs are available for optimum utilization of the heat exchanger surface - and the sectors are adapted individually to each process requirements to achieve optimum results, i.e. separation efficiencey of over 99.5 percent.

The crystallized product is melted off as soon as the desublimator is fully loaded. A continuous process is possible by using a minimum of two Pluto desublimators. With minor design adjustments it is also possible to feed separate gas streams into a single Pluto at the same time for substance isolation, using only one common cooling/heating system.

Despite the wide range of design possibilities and internal fittings the Pluto is availbale in standard sizes. Thanks to its compact design the unit does not take up much space. Pluto can be supplied in all weldable materials and can be used across a wide temperature range of between -20 and 350 °C, the pressure range is between vacuum and 10 bar.

Main Applications

  • Product recovery in chemical and pharmaceutical processes
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of downstream vacuum generators
  • Pilot plants / Test facilities
  • Freeze-drying
  • Breathing coolers
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