Safetytherm Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

No chance of product intermixing


With Safetytherm you are always on the safe side. Our developers have created a perfect design that absolutely excludes the possibility of non-compatible products mixing with each other.

  • ND Safetytherm plate heat exchanger
    ND Safetytherm plate heat exchanger

The Solution For Potable Water Isolation
The Safetytherm double-wall plate consists of two extra-thin plates which form a small leakage gap. The inlet and outlet openings of the plates are welded. Apart from that, their design is the same as that of conventional gasketed plate heat exchangers.

In the case of a plate crack, the product will not enter the neighboring flow gap, instead entering the leakage gap. The leaking media is then conveyed to the outside via special leakage channels without any product mixing being possible.

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