NX Series

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers NX Series


The new NX series represents the latest step forward for clean, low viscosity media in elevated pressure applications.  It delivers temperature approaches down to 1°F with fewer plates and a single pass design.  It is used primarily in HVAC applications and performs well in other applications with the same conditions: HVAC, Chemical, Power, Sugar, Renewable Energy, Food.

  • Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers NX Series
    Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers NX Series

Improved Efficiency Pays Off for You.

Our new OptiWave™ plate configuration takes heat transfer efficiency to a new level.

  • Conventional plates allow most media to flow directly from one port to the other, reducing the flow on the far side.  This means that they don’t make full use of the heat transfer area, and require more plates.
  • Optiwave plates provide even media flow over the entire width, making full use of the area, and increasing efficiency with fewer plates.
  • The result?  Plates with Optiwave deliver the same or better heat transfer efficiency with fewer plates.
  • The NX Series uses Optiwave, requiring less heat transfer surface to achieve the same capacity and thus significantly reducing your cost without compromising performance.

Higher Design Pressure.

The standard design pressure of 420 psig (29barg) means that this can support up to 820 vertical feet (250 meters) of head, allowing its use in a greater range of applications, including high rise pressure breakers.

What does a 1°F temperature approach mean for you?

  • Whether you need 1° or not, you can accomplish your desired end result with a smaller unit, increasing system efficiency at the same time.
  • And you can do it without needing multiple units or a multi-pass heat exchanger and the extra piping cost that multi-pass represents.
  • The result?  Simpler design, smaller equipment and lower first and second costs.

Easy Maintenance Minimizes Equipment Down Time.

Our proprietary EcoLoc™ tools-free gasket attachment system makes gasket and plate replacement easier and ensures a perfect fit of the gasket and plate pack, so that maintenance is quick and convenient.

The NX series features PosLoc™, our own self-aligning plate system. Unlike conventional designs that rely just on the upper and lower beams for alignment, Posloc adds self-alignment leadins that cause the plates to self-align as you tighten the pressure plates after maintenance.  This provides a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned quickly and precisely.


We've recently added to the size mix, and now offer 6" and 4" port sizes to complement the original 10" port size.  This makes it even easier to get the right solution.

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