K°Flex Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

A new dimension of efficiency and flexibility


K°Flex plate heat exchangers are the perfect solution for gaseous, liquid and two-phase media in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Both the temperature range of -200° to 900° C and the pressure capacity of up to 60 bars make these units the logical choice for problem-free operation.

  • K°Flex fully welded plate heat exchangers
    K°Flex fully welded plate heat exchangers

The asymmetrical plate design, the innovative tubework and the innovative profiling guarantee heat transfer with maximum efficiency and low pressure loss.

Freely selectable, pressure-bearing housings and connection lines allow tailor-made plate heat exchanger solutions up to an area of 8,000 m².

K°Flex delivers low investment costs because the compact design only needs a relatively small amount of material expenditure, and this advantage pays off most noticably with cost-intensive special alloys.

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