K°Bloc Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Adaptable at any time


K°Bloc is a fully-welded plate heat exchanger that is widely used in these applications: Oil and Gas Production and Processing, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Paper Manufacturing, General Industry.

  • K°Bloc fully welded plate heat exchangers
    K°Bloc fully welded plate heat exchangers
  • K°Bloc fully welded plate heat exchangers
    K°Bloc fully welded plate heat exchangers
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Its fully-welded construction makes it well suited for applications that require the high efficiency and compact size of plate heat exchangers, but where conditions exceed the capabilities of gasketed plate heat exchangers.

Innovative Construction.
The K°Bloc design provides the performance advantages of fully-welded construction, while at the same time providing excellent cleanability.

  • The plates are rotated 90° to one another and then welded together to produce two different flow channels.
  • The frame is made of four pillars, a bottom plate and a top plate together with four side walls with the connectors.
  • All frame components are bolted together and can therefore be easily dismantled to clean and maintain the plate pack.

Design Flexibility.
A number of design factors provide the flexibility that the K°Bloc is known for.

  • Two Corrugation Designs.  The Chevron design provides higher heat transfer efficiency and the Double Dimple design resists clogging, handles media with particles, and is easily cleaned.
  • Several Sizes.  Accomodates a wide range of flow rates
  • Adjustable Deflectors. Allows easy selection of the right number of passes, for the right balance of heat transfer rate and pressure drop, without compromising cleanability.
  • Range of Plate Materials.  No matter the media, we've got the right plate material for the application.

Technical Data:

  • Design Temperature Range: -20°F (-28°C) to 662°F (350°C).
  • Maximum Design Pressure: 500 psig (35 barg).
  • Plate Material: 316 Stainless Steel as standard. SMO 254, Titanium and others available on request.
  • Heat Transfer Surface Area: 10-3,400 ft² (1–320m²)
  • Connection Diameter: 2” – 16” (DN50–DN400) as standard.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 17,000 gpm (3,860m³/h)
  • Available Corrugation Patterns:   Chevron and Double Dimple.
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