Charge Air Coolers

Charge Air Coolers

New challenges sustainably mastered


For more than 50 years now, we have been leading in the development and manufacture of Charge Air Coolers. These coolers for diesel and gas engines are well known throughout the world for their excellent performance and reliability.

  • Charge Air Cooler
    Charge Air Cooler

We enjoy long-term collaboration with world-famous engine manufacturers and licensors such as MAN B&W, Wärtsila, MTU, MAK, DEUTZ, Caterpillar, Hyundai, etc. And we have manufactured hundreds of Charge Air Coolers for various marine diesel engines, including powerful engines 12K98ME-C and 14RTflex96.

In China alone, we supply Charge Air Coolers for nearly all 4-stroke engine manufacturers, including state enterprises. Marine diesel engine Charge Air Coolers are still being manufactured in Europe, although the very largest engines are built in the Far East.

Our combined experience enables us - in close collaboration with engine manufacturers and plant-systems contractors - to develop dedicated, customer-oriented, and economical concepts for optimization of the complete charge-air modules on an engine. As result of the use of special materials, advanced coating technology, and new finned-tube systems, application of Charge Air Coolers is also effective in engines that burn biogas and other special gas fuels.

Main Applications

  • Marine off-road, and stationary diesel and gas engines with performance over 200 kW
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