Standard Dry Coolers

Standard Dry Coolers (STK)

A Variable System


Sturdy standard dry coolers are reliable air coolers. Modularization allows customization exactly for project requirements. The cooler is limited to what is really needed and still remains a highly flexible system.

  • Standard Dry Cooler
    Standard Dry Cooler


  • Designed according to: AD-Merkblatt, PED, DGRL
  • Finned Tube:
    Steel (German grade St. 37.0 and others) elliptical tube, welded, 1,5 mm average wall thickness, hot-dip galvanized with fins, sturdy, resistant to corrosion, designed for optimized heat transfer, fit for 500 bar lancing to avoid loss of cooling capacity as a result of airside fouling.
  • Headers:
    Steel (German grade WSTE 355 and other) bonnet-type headers, welded to tube sheets, fit for a maximum of 20 bar and 200 °C
  • Steel structure galvanized, resistant to corrosion
  • Fans: external-rotor motor, IP54, two speeds
  • Shipment: preassembly at factory
  • Seamless core tube with 1.8 mm wall thickness
  • Tubes (German grade St. 35.8 or other) fit for temperatures up to 350 °C with additional special heat treatment
  • Two-pass welds
  • Tube end degalvanized before welding
  • Turbulators for highly viscous products
  • 15 % inclined tubing (condenser mode)
  • Fans driven by standard motors
  • Speed or step fan control as a function of product temperature
  • Louvers to prevent freezing
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