High Pressure Prehumidification

Air Fin Coolers

Air Coolers with High Pressure Prehumidification


The high-pressure water, which enters the cooling air flow, lowers the air temperature and therefore improves heat dissipation

Various conditions can make it sensefull to install this additional application.
Water is injected into cooling air:

  • to improve the cost efficiency of air cooling when product temperatures are low,
  • to increase the cooling capacity of an existing installation or
  • to reduce the size of a new cooling plant.

The water spray system for such an installation is sized for “worst-case” air conditions specified together with the client. Depending on weather conditions, water may be precipitated, though, because the air is saturated, but the water that collects underneath the cooler does not necessitate the installation of a water basin.

As piping configurations differ from site to site, we exclude interconnecting pipework usually from its supplies.

Standard Scope

We supply all cooler pipework including the water loops, the nozzles and the nozzle suspension system. The connecting flange is normally the battery limit.To optimize water flow, parallel coolers can be equipped with optional motorized ball valves.

We supply the water pump, the upstream strainer and upstream and downstream isolating valves. An optional overflow valve is provided for installations consisting of several parallel coolers.

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