Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers


Evaporative air coolers combine the advantages of pure air coolers (dry coolers) with the benefits of conventional wet cooling systems. Heat is dissipated by a finned tube system by convection and by evaporation.

  • Evaporative Cooler
    Evaporative Cooler

An advanced finned tube system such as the corrosion-resistant galvanized-steel finned tube developed by us is needed to make air cooling cost efficient even if the temperature difference between the cooled product and the ambient air is not more than 5°C.

Like dry cooling systems, evaporative coolers feature a closed-circuit system to take the product through the heat exchanger tubing for direct cooling. No separate cooling fluid circuit (which would imply extra capital outlay and energy and operating expenses) is required. Corrosion problems, typical of open-cycle installations, do not exist, either.

Under normal temperature conditions, such a cooler will handle the entire cooling load for most of the year without the use of additional cooling water. Water will only be needed above a limit air temperature of usually 8°C to 14°C specified during cooler design.

Dry operation at low ambient temperatures avoids plume formation and freezing risks as the entire water is drained from the system in winter.

As the quality of the cooling water is a critical parameter in wet cooling, evaporative coolers feature monitoring systems to allow an immediate response to changes such as an increase in salt concentration as a result of evaporation or algae growth. Water treatment is always agreed with the customer responsible for water analysis and water treatment contractors.

To avoid carbonate precipitation on the finned side, the product inlet temperature of evaporative coolers is limited to 45°C, while the design discharge temperature should be at least 4°C above the wet-bulb ambient air temperature.

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