Recirculation Coolers

Recirculation Coolers

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To protect mechanical system from pollutants in ambient air - and to prevent complicated and cost-intensive cleaning operations - recirculation coolers move air in a circuit inside an airtight system. The air absorbs heat inside the machine and passes it on to a cooler - the recirculation cooler. There the cooler transfers the heat from the air to the cooling medium. An enclosure tightly encloses the components of the cycle. It routes the recirculated air from the air discharge port to the air intake of the machine.

  • Recirculation Cooler
    Recirculation Cooler

Our systems vary according to customers' demands and can be equipped with four closed circuit coolers. Units with 1, 2, 4 or even 6 coolers are available. The enclosure design, as well as the vertical and horizontal orientation of the coolers, can be adjusted according to the customers' wishes. Special certifications or offical approval requirements can be taken into consideration in your system for future projects.

Main Applications

  • Large electric engines and middle sized generators for use in mining, power plants, wind farms, and offshore platforms.
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