Pressure Gas Coolers

Pressure Gas Coolers

First choice in compressor systems and process technology


Compressed gas cooling technology is a key component in our portfolio: one which has grown in importance over several decades of continuous development, design, and operating experience. Since the efficiency of compressors is essentially determined by the cooler technology integrated, we have essentially contributed to technological progress through development of the extensive finned-tube ranges.

  • Pressure Gas Cooler
    Pressure Gas Cooler

The performance of efficient compressor systems can be enormously enhanced by special compressed-gas cooling technology. The same applies to the area of drive technology, process engineering, and gas recooling.

Our line of systems for compressed-gas cooling covers basic market requirements for gas volumes from 5,000 to approx. 500,000 Nm³/h in pressure ranges up to approx. 50 bar. It inclueds water-cooled pressure gas coolers for industrial gases such as air, oxygen, chlorine, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, gaseous hydrocarbons, and gas mixtures. The revolutionary AFC pressure gas technology significantly enhances the reliability of compressions, air-separation, and process-technology facilities.

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