Industrial Dry Coolers

Industrial Dry Coolers

Space-saving solutions for compact gensets


This range of high-quality configured products was developed to match the technical requirements of the main players in the small- to medium-size diesel and gas-engine market (normally <2.5 MW), with competitive prices and short delivery times.

  • Industrial Adiabatic Dry Cooler
    Industrial Dry Cooler

The advanced technology of the finned tubes, used by us for decades, ensures great system reliability. Double-bank configuration (HT/LT) is available for our ranges. Fans able to operate under high temperatures are used for this application. Modular compact products made of pre-defined components are assembled according to analysis made by design software. The compact products are completely  assembled and tested in the factory before delivery.

All major configurations are available: flatbed (induced- and forced-draft), V-bank, or vertical, for all individuals cases. All components are standard, and outsourced items with long delivery times are kept in stock to ensure prompt delivery. Only a limited selection of outsourced components (fans, motors, etc.) is used, to ensure favorable prices from suppliers, based on large quantities of similar components.

Product flexibility ensures sizing as close as possible to the customer's requirements, with prompt availablility owing to components manufactured in-house (many dimensions are available in our range). The reliability of the compact cooler, also for highest ambient temperatures, ensures the operation of the entire plant. Co-generation power plants of modular design are for landfill gas and biogas extraction as well as for mine-gas extraction to generate electricity and heat. Return cooling of the cooling water circuits of the gas engines is performed by standard dry coolers. The cooler is furnished with ventilators of various noise levels, which comply with local emission regulations.

Main Applications

  • Versatile power units using gas or diesel engines (gensets)
  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial processes
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