Exhaust-Gas Recirculation Coolers

Exhaust-Gas Recirculation Coolers

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This technology, developed in close collaboration with our customers, ensures that - with large-size diesel engines - the recirculation exhaust-gas is mixed at the lowest possible temperature with the air of combustion.

  • Exhaust-Gas Recirculation Cooler
    Exhaust-Gas Recirculation Cooler

The result is effective reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. This technology already now fulfills future emission guidelines according to IMO (International Maritime Organization), Tier (the US exhaust-gas standard), EURO, etc.

The patented design enables cooling of gases, some of which are over 700 °C, down to 50 °C. All tests conducted with customers, at their facilities, have shown conformity with pollution results conducted at the prominent Research Centre for Internal-Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics at Rostock University in Germany. These tests have verified conformity of operational characteristics, especially pollution behaviour and transferred heat output.

Product Features: High-pressure loop EGR

Compact heat exchangers, made of heat- and corrision-resistant stainless steel and consisting of the new S79X finned-tube system

Aquifer system cases that - due to the special arrangement of the separating plate and the mounting of the heat exchanger, reduce to a minimum the mechanical stresses that usually occur during thermal expansion at high temperatures

Compact, customized, and service-friendly design, in which the water and gas connections can be adjusted to customers' requirements and which enables quick disconnection of the heat exchanger for maintenance purposes


Product Features: Low-pressure loop EGR

Proven block-cooler design featuring highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Customized connections for water, gas, and condensate draining, which also enable quick disconnection of the heat exchanger for maintenance purposes

Simple disassembling of frame parts for cleaning, such as sidewalls and headers, which enables optimal access to the heat exchanger core

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