Power generation

Power generation

No energy production or power supply without HX-Factor


Efforts to improve energy efficiency have indeed proved effective, as energy consumption is growing at a slower rate than gross domestic products. In conversion of primary energy to final and useful energy, Kelvion heat exchanger technologies contribute to efficient handling of the resources of our planet.

Energy transfer

Our shell and tube heat exchangers safely assure reliable and efficient heat transfer produced by oil-cooled transformers. They can be effectively employed here as water coolers. A selection of finned-tube systems is also available as air coolers, in accordance with the requirements. We also deliver tailored transformer oil pumps for these applications. According to the local circumstances in a power plant, and on the availability of cooling media, plant operators can also depend on us to supply effective plate heat exchangers as well as finned tube heat exchangers and recirculation coolers for a great number and variety of application cases.

If a major consumer of low-temperature heat operates in the immediate vicinity, it is feasible to profitably use the exhaust heat from damp cooling downstream of the turbine. This configuration is termed combined heat and power operation, and it reduces CO2 emissions. In supply of district heat from power plants, our plate or shell and tube heat exchangers are installed to operate from the power station, through the utilities substations, and up to the final consumer. In addition, it is possible to employ our patented shell and tube heat exchangers as pre-heating systems for the fuel gas, for the purpose of further increasing efficiency.

Renewable energy

With our heat exchangers, we also promote the use of renewable energy sources. Currently, only two percent of the world’s demand for energy is covered by renewable energy. Owing to finite resources and climate change, efforts are proceeding to sustainably increase this share. In applications with wind-turbine generator systems, space is precious: the compact dimensions of a wind turbine nacelle place especially strict requirements on the size of the heat exchangers. For example, finned tube heat exchangers meet these challenges and have found successful use in the nacelles of wind-turbine farms. The operation of offshore windparks requires power to be transported over long distances by DC power transmission. In transformer substations – also on offshore platforms – Our transformer cooling systems assure that conversion of AC to DC, and vice versa, do not result in transformer overheating.

High-performance generators are used in hydroelectric power generation. Our heat exchangers also reliably cool these facilities. Solar power plants, for another example, also employ our plate heat exchangers and finned tube heat exchangers. Waste incineration plants likewise install smooth-tube heat exchangers as air pre-heaters.


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