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Kelvion Inc. is part of the Kelvion Group, the world's largest heat transfer equipment technology group. This provides us the technological and financial resources to meet any requirements and allows access to manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. When you combine this experience it is easy to see why we build successful designs for every continent.

Kelvion Inc. / Rainey designs and markets air cooled heat exchangers to engineering and construction firms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, power companies and utilities, and other related industries worldwide.

In 1964 Mr. Jim Rainey founded The Rainey Corporation and specialized in air cooled heat exchanger manufacturing. By 1978, Rainey’s operations had grown enough to impress GEA AG which then acquired the company. During the next six years, GEA Rainey took full advantage of GEA’s global heat exchanger experience, enough that the company had to relocate to it’s current location in Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa. Combining the available technology with the increased shop space has allowed GEA Rainey the ability to better serve the North American market as well as customers located around the world. In 2015, the company was renamed to Kelvion Inc. / Rainey.

The following are typical applications for air coolers:
• Forced and induced draft air cooled heat exchangers
• Recirculation and shoe-box air cooled heat exchangers
• Hydrocarbon process and steam condensers
• Large engine radiators
• Turbine lube oil coolers
• Turbine intercoolers
• Natural gas and vapor coolers
• Combustion pre-heaters
• Flue gas re-heaters

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Kelvion Group, Kelvion Inc. has the financial and technological resources of a global organization, in operation since 1920.

Kelvion Inc. / Rainey is located at Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa near Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, with approximately 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and nineteen acres of outdoor storage area. Our location allows shipment by truck, rail, or barge. The facility is equipped with the necessary equipment and personnel to manufacture air coolers to international standards. All manufacturing processes are completed within our facility to insure the highest quality and timely shipments.

Finned tubes produced are L-footed, overlapped L, knurled L, embedded and extruded. Materials of construction include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless, incoloy, hasteloy, chrome / chrome-moly and other high alloys. Kelvion Inc. / Rainey has manufactured air coolers to withstand pressures in excess of 17,000 psig.

An independent Quality Control Department and National Board of authorized inspectors insures compliance with the requirements of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. GEA Rainey Solutions is ISO-9001:2008 certified and is authorized to manufacture pressure vessels carrying the U-Stamp. Other manufacturing standards include, but are not limited to, API, TEMA, AISC, ANSI, PED, CBC, CISC, ISO, UBC and client specifications.

Dunn & Bradstreet Number: 00-722-7861
SIC Code: 3443

    • Mission
    • Kelvion's mission is to provide quality products and services with honesty, integrity and commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders and the global community.

      We have been and continue to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of air cooled heat exchanger equipment. For nearly 50 years we have met the needs of the chemical, petrochemical and power industries' cooler requirements, through engineering and construction firms or directly with end users.

    • Market
    • Within the Kelvion umbrella Kelvion Inc. / Rainey's primary serves North American customers, meaning if the customer's inquiry originates from North America Kelvion Inc. will offer a proposal. If the inquiry originates outside of North America it will most likely be handled by one of our sister companies. If you are unsure where to send your proposal, send it to Kelvion Inc. and we will forward your request to the appropriate Kelvion company.

      Of course our customer's wishes are taken into account which may alter our internal market separations. Here are a few examples:
      • If your project requires US EXIM financing Kelvion Inc. will most likely provide the quotation.
      • If you are interested in receiving a quotation from a "low cost country", we can coordinate an offer with our sister company GEA BTT China.
      • If you are located in North America but the final destination for the air coolers is in South Africa we would coordinate our offer with GEA Aircooled Systems, with manufacturing facilities located in South Africa.

      These are only a few of many examples that can be provided. With so many air cooler manufacturing and sales companies located around the world, Kelvions's flexibility to deliver local sales support and/or local manufacturing is second to none.

      Regardless of inquiry origination Kelvion Inc. has products installed around the world in the process, petrochemical, LNG regasification, power and gas compression markets.

      Partial list of countries where Kelvion air coolers are installed:
      • U.S.A.
      • Caribbean and US Virgin Islands
      • Canada
      • Mexico
      • South America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
      • Pacific Rim - New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
      • Central Asia – Algeria, India, Pakistan
      • Middle East – Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.

    • Service
    • Field Services
      Our service department representatives have over 40 years of heat exchanger experience. Regardless of brand or model, our service department team understands the requirements for proper installation, operation and maintenance. Building on global technology, we give customers a guarantee of receiving the best possible cooler performance unmatched by any other service organization. Kelvion offers several different field service solutions. However, we recognize each individual customer has different needs. Kelvion can customize a field service solution for each individual customer.

      Commissioning and Start-Up Assistance
      For new and/or replacement equipment manufactured by Kelvion Inc., a recommended field service solution is commissioning and start-up assistance. Our experienced field service team provides on-site supervision for installation. All equipment manufactured by Kelvion Inc. must pass a rigorous inspection by our Quality Control Department before release for shipment. However, a comprehensive inspection of the air cooler components after shipment and installation by our expert field service team is a logical measure to assure safe start-up and efficient operation.

      Our commissioning and start-up assistance services can include, but are not limited to:
      • On-site supervision for field erection
      • Drive alignment
      • Belt tensioning
      • Fan-tip clearance inspection
      • Fan RPM measurement
      • Fan pitch verification
      • Bearing inspection
      • Drive run-in test supervision

      Operator & Maintenance Personnel Training 
      Our training courses are designed to cover the design, operation and maintenance of air cooled heat exchangers. Curriculum is customized to address the specific equipment at a facility. The goal of this training course is to provide a better overall understanding of the operating and maintenance requirements of air cooled heat exchanger equipment. This enables plant personnel to obtain the best possible performance and avoid costly maintenance downtime. In addition to classroom instruction, we believe hands-on training delivered in the plant is an effective addition to the principles and theory learned in the classroom.

      Capacity Measurement
      In many cases air cooled heat exchangers represent bottlenecks to a plant process. Even when cooler performance remains acceptable, a cooler’s capacity can drop below a critical level. Additional equipment, changes in production or other factors play significant roles in performance. Our service team has experience identifying limiting factors of a process. After an extensive evaluation of the equipment and process conditions, our technicians offer advice and provide practical, cost-effective solutions for performance enhancement of existing coolers.

      Our capacity measurement service methodology:
      • Gather and verify process data
      • Inspect air cooler components
      • Measure fan pitch, fan RPM, air flow and other air cooler variables as required
      • Model theoretical performance using proprietary thermal rating software
      • Compare actual thermal performance versus theoretical performance models

      The second tier of our capacity measurement service methodology is evaluating results and making recommendations. Two examples are process upgrades and process control enhancements.

      Re-Rating Pressure Vessels
      Air coolers typically have an average life of 20-25 years depending on the service type and installation location. It is not uncommon for plant process conditions to change several times during the service life of an air cooler. For ASME code stamped pressure vessels manufactured by Kelvion Inc., our service department provides a re-rate service. If your process conditions have changed and any of these conditions exceed the original ASME nameplate values on your air cooler, please contact our service department.

      Periodic Inspections
      Routine maintenance is the key for assuring optimal performance. We offer two service models; inspection or maintenance. For an inspection contract, our experts evaluate the air cooler, record findings and make maintenance recommendations as applicable. The maintenance contract simply extends our inspection requirements to include normal cooler maintenance. This comprehensive field service solution is customized to work with customer’s internal programs as required.

      Vibration Testing
      Vibration can cause excessive wear on mechanical components of air cooled heat exchangers. Over time, vibration can also weaken and crack structural members of the equipment. Not all vibration is harmful. Kelvion Inc.’s vibration testing service solution is designed to measure harmful sources of vibration and identify the cause of the vibration. Recommendations and/or corrections are made to eliminate the vibration. Elimination of harmful vibration can extend the life of the mechanical and structural components of the air cooler as well as assuring continuous, safe operation of the equipment.

      Noise Reduction
      Noise is becoming an increasingly important environmental factor. Kelvion's trained technicians can evaluate each situation and provide recommendations for potential noise reductions without any loss in cooling capacity.

      Replacement Parts
      Kelvion Inc. can supply replacement parts for every component of an air cooled heat exchanger.  While typical replacement parts are shown below, please feel free to contact us for any need.

      Key Benefits:
      • Accurate parts identification utilizing Kelvion Inc.'s archive database.
      • Fast delivery on standard parts.
      • Quick response in emergency situations.
      • Parts ordered to customer specifications.
      • Parts can be supplied for heat exchanger equipment manufactured by others.
      • For replacement bundles and/or structural steel orders, our field service technicians can conduct a site evaluation to verify dimensional requirements before fabrication.
      • Customized, comprehensive solutions can be recommended for unique requests (i.e. process upgrades).
      • In-house design, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing capabilities.

      Replacement Bundles
      Bundle replacements are a popular alternative to replacing an entire air cooler unit. Bundle replacement can utilize the existing drive, fan and structural components of an air cooled heat exchanger, thus decreasing your overall replacement cost. Kelvion Inc. can provide custom bundle replacements to meet your specifications with quick turnaround. We are capable of providing new bundles for old units manufactured by Kelvion as well as those built by others. If drawings are not available, our field service department can perform an on-site dimensional analysis to insure the new bundle is built to meet your specific requirements. New bundles are built to minimize or avoid re-piping and other time consuming field re-work.

      Finned Tubes
      Kelvion Inc. can provide bare and finned tubes to match your specifications.  We can supply L-foot, overlap-L, knurled L, embedded and extruded aluminum fin configurations.  Our finned tubes can be packaged to ship to any location around the world for installation in any air cooled heat exchanger bundle, whether originally manufactured by Kelvion or any other manufacturer.

      Drive Components
      Kelvion Inc.'s Parts Department provides all parts associated with drives for air-cooled heat exchangers. All parts, including electric and hydraulic motors, gear drives, couplings, sheaves / bushings, belts, vibration switches and fans are supplied to meet your exact specifications.  We can even supply complete drive replacements which include the supporting structure

      Plugs and Gaskets
      We can provide plugs and gaskets in a variety sizes to meet your exact requirements, supported with material test reports (MTR’s) as needed. All plugs are of the “shoulder” type with UNF threads. Kelvion also supplies replacement two-piece plugs.  If you do not have a Rainey plug and gasket part number or if the plugs and gaskets being replaced were supplied by others, please contact us for the necessary dimensions.

      Louvers and Actuators
      Kelvion Inc. supplies industrial grade and API louvers.  Louvers are fabricated in either aluminum or galvanized carbon steel.  Louvers are built per API unless specified otherwise.  Louver blades can be constructed in parallel or opposed configurations.  Manual louvers are supplied with a lever arm for control with an option of an extension arm to grade if required.
      For automatic control, louvers are supplied with a motor mounting bracket.  We support various actuator designs, with positioners if specified, such as digital I/P with signal feedback, Analog I/P and P/P
      Louvers are available with galvanized carbon steel or aluminum hail screens and/or bug screens if required.

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