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Altogether, we have the range and quality to compete for the toughest deals, in the harshest environments.  Here's an overview of the well-known product brands that make us global experts in heat exchange.

Batignolles Technologies Thermiques (BTT)

Starting in the 1950th with the production of the first heat exchanger, Batignolles Technologies Thermiques is a known name for customized and high quality air-cooled heat exchange solutions for oil & gas, petrochemical, power & energy applications, fulfilling industrial customer needs throughout the world.


The name Ecoflex is known for an extensive portfolio of gasketed, fully welded and brazed plate heat exchangers. For several years now, Ecoflex stands especially for series with gasketed plates. Brazed plates are already known under the name Ecobraze, fully welded heat Exchangers are increasingly known from the series Ecoweld. Nevertheless the name Ecoflex combines the competences in this product area.


NEMA is known for its customer-oriented high-quality and efficient design solutions, its achievements in this respect being bases on long years of experience in engineering, design and fabrication of air cooled heat exchangers.


Rainey stands for high quality air cooled heat exchangers mostly market to engineering and construction firms, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, power companies and utilities, and other related industries worldwide.

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